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Since acquiring the farm in 2003 and putting it into organic conversion the Kelso family has committed to protect and work with nature.

So far we have planted several kilometres of native hedgerow and a small native woodland; introduced new ditch maintenance practices to encourage water voles; re-profiled a ditch and added a sluice to raise the water level, encouraging water plants and amphibians; put up numerous bird, owl and bat boxes; left field margins uncultivated as wildlife habitat and sown bee and bird-friendly seed mixes, among other things!

We have some very exciting biodiversity enhancing projects coming up in 2021 having made a successful application to the 'New Life On The Old West' project. These include creating a 'ditch pond' (pond linked to a ditch), re-profiling more ditches to benefit amphibians and creating a wildflower meadow.

We're also hoping to plant more hedges and lay some of the existing ones that we planted in the early 2000's.  

Species of interest on the farm

In addition to sparrowhawks, foxes, badgers, buzzards, brown hares and more, the following species recognised as in decline in the UK are breeding or feeding on the farm:

Red list speciesAmber list species
House sparrow
Tree sparrow
Song thrush
Water vole

Stock dove
Tawny owl

There are many more species living here (particularly warblers), maybe more that would be on these lists but we are not birders and not great at identification! If you are and would like to visit we would love to know more about the wildlife that lives here - please get in touch.

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